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Hair + Makeup Artists: Creative Space Artists Mgmt, representing hair stylists and makeup artists with many talents. Our hair stylists and makeup artists at CSA photo agency have the best talent and experience there is to offer that will surely exceed your expectations and meet your hair and makeup artist and styling needs while also providing a great experience within a friendly atmosphere.


AERIEL D'ANDREA beauty, covers, advertising + commerical, mens + womens editorial HAZUKI editorial, beauty, advertising + lifestyle MICHELLE WEBB editorial, beauty, covers, lifetsyle + commercial, celebrity, advertising JANET MARISCAL editorial, mens, advertising

Hair StylistsLEO CREWS beauty, editorial, celebrity MICHAELANGELO MARENCO editorial, beauty, advertising

Hair + Makeup Artists: ANGELA KAESER editorial, celebrity, advertising EMI KOIZUMI editorial, beauty IRIS MOREAU editorial, lifestyle, beauty, celebrity, advertising VICTORIA STILES editorial, beauty

Creative Space Artists Mgmt - photo representative agency, representing photographers, stylists, hair stylists and makeup artists 14 Murray Street, New York, NY 10007 tel. +1 212-945-9292 email.

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