Creative Space Artists Management Inc.

General Inquiries:

Grace Sato - Agent

14 Murray Street, #223
New York, New York 10007

tel: +1 917.797.7729

CSA Production Company
Branch of Creative Space Artists Mgmt.

tel: +1 917.797.7729

CSA Mgmt.,  DBA ©Southern Cross Studio Inc. 2019 - All Rights Reserved

Creative Space Artists Mgmt. is a New York City based agency representing photographers, film directors, wardrobe stylists, creative directors, makeup artists, and hairstylists with a full-service production department, all there to help in making your life better and your project seamless!

Our artists work with some of the most prestigious clients and exclusive brands in the industry worldwide. CSA, believes that commitment, passion and love for what you do, creates an energy that breaks through barriers.


Alberto Badalamenti, David Filiberti, Emil Signanagic, Iris Brosch, Edward Aninaru, Michael Craft, Angelika Buettner, David Arky, Kiko Ricote, Emil Sinanagic, Ylva Erevall and film director David Phakos

Jennifer Hitzges, Rod Novoa, Hope Misterek, Sabine Feuilloley and Mimi Le
Hairstylists & Makeup Artists

Aeriel D'Andrea, Alberto Luengo, Ramona Lai, Hazuki, Janet Mariscal, 

Leo Crews, Emi Koizumi, Victoria Stiles and Michaelangelo Marenco

Creative Directors

Paul Lamb and Bobby Passmore

Internships - NYC office, offers positions to talented and qualified candidates

Qualified candidates will be exposed to:

• Marketing techniques for commercial photography

• Managing social media website and marketing emails

• Portfolio Management

• Digital Image Manipulation

 Editing and Processing Digital Archive

• Production assisting

When applying, please email with a cover letter and attached resume

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