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hair & makeup artist

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Victoria Stiles was inspired by the fashion and beauty world at a young age. She began experimenting with makeup and developing her own technique in application. A family friend noticed Victoria’s talents early on and encouraged her to continue development of her craft and to pursue a career as a makeup artist in NYC.

For Victoria, the next step was education at George Mason University in Virginia. As a student, she secured a position with Esteé Lauder. During her four years with the Esteé Lauder brand, she gained experience in event and stage makeup. Under contract with the Lauder Company, Victoria provided makeup services for concert productions including Cher and Missy Elliott.

Her creative flair in makeup quickly caught the eye of photographers like Billy Kidd and Nicholas LaClair along with a number of industry professionals developing into working relationships with Glamour, Vogue Italia, Oyster, Surface, Vogue Bambini, O (Oprah) Magazine, Capitol File, Boston Commons, Wynn, Vegas Magazine, JCK and Luxury Magazine and Celebrity clients include legendary singer Roberta Flack, indie film actress Olivia Thirlby, Carly Rae Jepson, Jeffrey Tambor, Jenna Elfman, American Idol winner Jordin Sparks, ESPN's Emmitt Smith, Magic Johnson, Tony Kornheiser, Steve Young, Mike Wilbon, Real Housewives of New York's Jill Zarin, and CSI NY's Gary Sinise.

In addition to artistry, Victoria actively promotes awareness to 501(3)(c) cancer charities and has organized events to raise money for non-profits such as Cancer Schmancer, Stand Up 2 Cancer, and Critters For The Cure. In response to the 7.0 earthquake which hit Haiti in January of 2010, Stiles organized an online promotion to generate funds for Food For The Poor and its initiative to bring immediate emergency relief to those affected.

Based in NYC, Victoria Stiles is a leader in makeup artistry working in fashion, beauty and celebrity. Stiles is the Beauty Advisor at More Lovely and a recent Beauty Contributor to Vanity Fair.

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