the csa story

Eddie Collins, Founder & CEO of Creative Space Artists Management (CSA) is originally from Sydney, Australia. He was only 19 when he independently moved to Paris, France, where he learned photography and shot for model agencies there, and across Europe. At the age of 25, Eddie moved to New York City: his expectation was to continue and expand his photographic work, but soon realized just how competitive and intense the industry really was in NYC and worldwide. This conflict led him to believe that the best way for him to grow and reach his potential was to assist photographers that were more established in the area.

After several years of working for some of the biggest names in the fashion industry, he grew into a fashion and beauty photographer himself.

Later on, many people began to say to him, “You need to be in a profession that helps people connect to their purpose”. At this point, Eddie couldn’t help but notice how often he was subconsciously advising complete strangers about the ways to achieve their creative aspirations. Since then, Eddie’s true passion has shown to be seeking connections for people to develop their creative goals, talents, and potential - CSA allows him to do just that.

Eddie is also passionate about enhancing the lives of people that go through the foster care system by using* CSA as a platform for young adults with such hardships in the early stages of their careers. With Eddie’s experiences through the system himself, living in multiple families as a child, his greatest ambition is to provide opportunities for those who don’t typically imagine such to be possible.

A specific opportunity that carries this out, is the CSA Internship Program. This program was created with the intent to train and develop so as to eventually place those candidates in assisting roles within our competitive photo industry. Those various roles include assisting positions to photographers, videographers, producers, stylists, hair & makeup artists- whatever they discover to be their aspirations.

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