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David Leslie Anthony began his career in late 1989, after having spending the prior 10 years in the beauty industry in both London and Los Angeles. It was during that time, that David began learning and teaching himself the art of Photography, and by late 1989, embarked on his new career. By mid 1990, David was selected to photograph the national advertising campaign for Z. Cavaricci, which paved the way to shooting for various denim companies and magazines in Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Vancouver, Canada. In 1995, David moved to Paris to further his career by assisting various photographers, and shooting for magazines and agency work, while also traveling to work in Barcelona and Madrid. David returned to North America after 5 years, and began working in the Chicago, NYC, and Toronto markets. In 2003, U.S. Ad Review selected David's Michelob Fashion Campaign as "Best Of" in the Beverage advertising section. This was followed by working with Britney Spears for Pepsi U.K. and numerous other advertising campaigns. During 2015, David was part of the photographic group showing in New York called "The Reflected Eye" which featured his work, alongside the works of many prominent photographers, both past and present. Also in 2015, David received an Honorable Mention in "The Exposure Awards", and two of his fashion images were included in a showing at The Louvre in Paris. In 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014, David's fashion photographs have been part of the International Photo Exhibition during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Malta. David's work is also included and featured prominently in two books, "Photographing Women: 1000 Poses" and "Outdoor Lighting: Fashion & Glamour". David works with both Film (his first love) and Digital photography, depending upon the feel, assignment and deadline. Rather than having just "one look" to his work, David chooses to base the "photographic look" of the images dependent on the moment, the magazine and/or client he is working with. David's "style, viewpoint, and outlook on life" remain constant in his work, drawing from his past youth, life experiences, and love of travel. David Leslie Anthony is based in the U.S., and divides his working time between NYC, Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, and Europe.

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