CSA location buses are a minimum rental of 3 days. Our luxurious Mercedes

location buses includes a driver and fits a crew of 8 - 11 people. The buses are far more convenient, economical, eco-friendly and faster

then any RV motor home. The buses maneuver around corners and parks easier, giving less travel time between locations

and therefore adding more time for you to shoot. Motor homes often have to take much longer routes because of road restrictions giving crews

less time to shoot and in most cases, incurring over-time chargers. The CSA location buses, also have the option to add the wardrobe trailer,

giving the stylist extra room and privacy for dressing models and talent. It can also be convenient in sharing the space with photo

equipment when traveling between locations. The buses come with a private bathroom, microwave oven and refrigerator. If your crew

is larger than 11 people, we also offer an SUV service which comes with a driver. This is our premier bus "Charlie" and fits 11 people

and is priced at $1,500 per day. Our other buses fit 8 people and are priced at $1,350. Full pricing can be viewed below.

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