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food + beverage stylist

FreshDirect Delivers Joy to His Home

FreshDirect has been delivering healthy, fresh food options to doorstep fo 20 years. Customers come to and stay with the brand for different reasons but one thing is consistent. The service has enhanced their lives. To celebrate FreshDirect's 20th anniversary, we asked brand loyalists like Hadley Sui, food stylist and chef, to take us into her kitchen and share why FreshDirect remains a staple in her life. Here's Hadley's FreshDirect story.

Necessity led Hadley to FreshDirect; excellence kept her there. "In 2019 I began doing more food stylist work and needed supplies quickly, and in large quantities", she says. The trained pastry chef was impressed by FreshDirect's superior food quality and timeless. "Then there was the pandemic and I didn't want to go to the grocery store", she adds. After relying on the brand for work she decided to make it a part of her family's regimen as well.

"FreshDirect has really streamlined my home life and enjoyment in the kitchen", she says. "Ido lots of cooking on a regular basis and thanks to FreshDirect, I have saved a lot of time and energy. I can preorder what I need, so I don't have to spend extra hours in the grocery store shopping for a home or work. And I think more than anything, it's been  time saver that I can trust. Now I can't imagine doing things any other way'.

FreshDirect is celebrating 20 years of making online

grocery shopping quick, easy and fresh.

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I am so exited to share something I have been working hard on over the past year. My first ever published cookbook!!!

From researching anime and treats, to authoring each recipe, to finally styling the book’s wonderful photos (thank you to photographer Emily Hawkes for such lovely pictures and to Monique Narboneta Zosa for the whimsical illustrations), this has truly been a labor of love. Please share it with the anime and pastry fans in your life, and make sure to preorder a copy for yourself! See more information on the cookbook below.

Snack your way through the colorful world of anime with over sixty delicious dessert recipes inspired by your favorite Japanese animated shows and movies.

The world of anime comes to life in your kitchen with this adorable cookbook featuring over sixty recipes for desserts and treats inspired by the unique culture and motifs of this iconic Japanese art form. Recipes include traditional Japanese favorites (such as taiyaki and melon pan), memorable dishes depicted in popular shows (such as Rare Cheesecake from Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card and Hishi Mochi from Shirokuma Cafe), and foods inspired by classic anime tropes and imagery (such as Valentine’s Day Chocolates and Christmas Cake). Fans will be delighted to create and savor sweets and pastries featured in their beloved shows, as well as learning about the origins of these iconic confections. Featuring gorgeous food photography, Oishisou!! The Ultimate Anime Dessert Cookbook is the perfect gift for foodies, lovers of Japanese culture, and anime fans everywhere.

60+ RECIPES: Dozens of recipes for delicious desserts and pastries featured in a wide variety of anime series, all drawn directly from the unique confectionary cultures of Japanese festivals, bakeries, candy shops, cafes, and more!

AUTHENTIC ANIME INSPIRATION: Learn to make the same mouth watering treats enjoyed by fan-favorite characters in some of your favorite Japanese animated shows and films.

FOR BEGINNERS AND BEYOND: Easy-to-follow instructions make it simple for chefs of every skill level to make anime-inspired sweets.

FILLED WITH GORGEOUS PHOTOS: Oishisou!! (pronounced "OH-ee-she-so") means “That looks tasty!” The stunning photos throughout this cookbook celebrate the artistry of these recipes, highlighting unique treats and sweets that look absolutely delicious.

PERFECT GIFT FOR ANIME AND MANGA FANS: Oishisou!! The Ultimate Anime Dessert Cookbook is a fantastic gift for anime and manga enthusiasts, as well as fans of Japanese-inspired pastries and sweets.

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