mimi le

wardrobe stylist

Untitled photo

The prophecy foretold that Mimi Le would never work at a desk

“The prophecy,” by the way, was a twelve year-old Mimi telling her parents that desk work wasn’t in her future. She was already experimenting with clothes, creating outfits and documenting the results. So, while she eventually appeased her strict Vietnamese parents by earning a Business School degree in Computer Science, styling was clearly her destiny.

Known for her versatile style, ranging from lushly sophisticated to charmingly youthful to a new take on modern, Mimi easily adapts to any project, making inexpensive clothes look like a million bucks or bank account-buckling pieces feel accessible to the girl on the street. She’s a pro at coolly wrangling children, men and schedules. Experienced in advertising campaigns, fashion editorials and everything in between, she maintains a Zen demeanor in chaotic situations, no matter how ruthless the deadline. Mimi lets off steam on her motorcycle, not on set. To her, the process of making images has always been romantic, and no hiccup, hang-up or wrench in the system can keep her from making the impossible happen, beautifully.

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