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Food stylist Nadine Page recognized her passion for gastronomy at a young age as she worked in a family. Interested in how the food industry works, she went to culinary school and then was among pioneers of New York’s fine dining like Marco Canora.

Soon after she realized she was “not cut out for a chef’s career,” the opportunity to try something new within the same field presented itself. Nadine was invited to assist one of the renowned food stylists Liza Jernow and loved it so much she decided to become a food stylist herself.

After assisting various top food stylists over the following years, in 2014 Nadine went solo. At that time, she traveled between New York, San Francisco and Austin, where she worked for Whole Foods, Crate & Barrel and other clients.

One of the most significant projects Nadine worked on was with HelloFresh as she joined the meal-kit company as a head food stylist helping to develop their signature look.

“It was a great project because they [HelloFresh] built an entire in-house studio in their New York headquarters. I brought in and trained our stylists and assistants, built up a prop library and participated in the design and execution of the working and shooting kitchens. We shot across all brands and verticals for the company and were able to execute brand partnerships as well. Eventually, we grew from shooting just recipes to styling their advertising campaigns, TV commercials across photo and video formats — working closely with the company’s creative director to shape the brand identity,” Nadine said.

Currently, she works both in U.S. and European markets, where Nadine works as a food stylist for brands such as Aldi, Bosch, Aperol, Siemens, Braun and many others.

“I think Europeans refer to American market a lot. In my field it feels like that the first would rather follow their U.S. colleagues’ footsteps than be trailblazers of food styling. In New York, it’s different. Artists and teams are empowered to differentiate themselves from others, be more conceptual and creative. Not to mention all the greatest foods this city has to offer, its farmer’s markets. There’s no place on Earth like NYC,” Nadine said.


Amidori, Aldi, AOK, Aperol, Bosch, Braun, Crate & Barrel, Dean & David, Gut Gut, HelloFresh, Hershey’s, Kadewe, Leonardo, Libellule, Lizza, Nosh, Nosh, Pret a Manger, Siemens, Sisters Magazine, Whole Foods, Wine Enthusiast and more.

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